Elk Grove Township Fire Department

The Elk Grove Township Fire District is a contracted Fire Department.  The American Fire and Rescue currently operates both the administrative and operational functions of the Elk Grove Township Fire Department.  The department is supervised by a board of trustees from throughout our district.

The department has 16 full-time, 14​ part-time/POC employees. Members make up a full time fire engine rescue company and ALS ambulance.  Members also participate in MABAS Division 1 Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue Teams, community education programs, and EMS educational committees.  

Fire Chief Michael Nelson

Deputy Chief Hans Gustavsen

Assistant ChiefScott Pierson

D/C of Comm.  Eric Schildkraut

Black Shift                                   ​                                                          
Battalion Chief Rudy Sandoval, Lt. Ben Foltin, Joe Harper, Jacob Bartoli, Shawn Jordan

​​​​​​​​​Red Shift​​
Battalion Chief Chris Rezek, Lt. Joseph Tobiasz, Nick Traske, Charles Serio, Nicholas Czerniak 

Gold Shift
Battalion Chief Tom Zaremba, Lt. Frank Nunez, Kyle Fiordaliso, Jennifer Corneliuson, Zachary March

​​Brian Dougherty, Chris Suerth, Eric Schildkraut, Anthony Danek, Ian Reidy,  Jake LeClair, Adam Schroeder, Oliver Mayapis, Sam Garcia, Jimmy Aguayo, Joseph La Rosa