Elk Grove Township Fire Department

The Elk Grove Township Fire District is a contracted Fire Department.  The American Fire and Rescue currently operates both the administrative and operational functions of the Elk Grove Township Fire Department.  The department is supervised by a board of trustees from throughout our district.

The department has 16 full-time, 17​ part-time/POC employees. Members make up a full time fire engine rescue company and ALS ambulance.  Members also participate in MABAS Division 1 Hazardous Materials and Technical Rescue Teams, community education programs, and EMS educational committees.  

Fire Chief Michael Nelson

Deputy Chief Hans Gustavsen

Assistant ChiefScott Pierson

Dir. of Comm. Infrastructure Eric Schildkraut

Black Shift                                   ​                                                          
Battalion Chief Rudy Sandoval, Lt. Ben Foltin, Frank Nunez, Kyle Fiordaliso, Oliver Mayapis

​​​​​​​​​Red Shift​​
Battalion Chief Joseph Tobiasz, Lt. John Wiecek, Charles Serio, Adam Viggiano, Salvatore Cirrincione 

Gold Shift
Battalion Chief Tom Zaremba, Lt. Chris Rezek, Kevin Hall, , Michael Guzman, Carl Garcia

​​Brian Dougherty, Chris Suerth, Eric Schildkraut, Anthony Danek, Ian Reidy, Nick Traske, Christopher Hedquist, Jake LeClair, Joe Harper