Elk Grove Township Fire Department


As a department, the Elk Grove Township Fire Department responds to an endless amount of calls.  Each type of call has its own classification and required response. All types of calls are classified as one of the following:

  • Still Alarm-  An individual call, where in station units will be able to mitigate the calls nature in a reasonable amount of time.  Typical response is 1 ambulance / 1 engine or both together.  Examples:  EMS call or accident with injuries.
  • Full Still-  A full still alarm is when additional units are needed for assistance.  This often is achieved through in station POCs, or a mutual aid unit.  Examples:  Activated fire alarm or inside gas leak.
  • General Alarm-  Is a confirmed structure fire that will require multiple units from outside fire districts.  General callback issued
  • Box Alarm- The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) was developed in 1968 as preplanned response to large scale incidents.  Box alarms are set responses, to anything from a large structure fire to a hazardous materials spill.  Box alarms range from the Box (1st) to 5th level alarms.  As the alarm level increases, additional units are dispatched from neighboring communities.


The calls a fire department can respond to are endless, but listed below are some of the most  common.  After each call type is a description of that call, and what equipment and activities are
needed to be for that call to be carried out successfully.

  • Medical    
  • Invalid Assist     
  • Lockout     
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO)    
  • Odor Investigation-   
  • Accident with Injuries   
  • Car Fire     
  • Inside Gas Leak    
  • Activated Fire Alarm (AFA)     
  • Structure Fire      
  • Hazardous Materials Emergency     
  • Technical Rescue 
  • Water Rescue